Nico Masters

New York / M.Arch @ CCNY  

Rural Types, Urban Forms


Rural Types, Urban Forms is a system for mulitfamily, missing middle housing that synthesizes the efficiency of pole barn construction and the climate responsives of the dogtrot house in plan.

Amateur Astronomer Association (AAA) Facilities - Jerome Park, Bronx NY
This project is a design for restrooms and a field office to accomodate New York City’s first AAA-facilitated public observatory.

Dormitory for Astronomical Researchers - Kitt Peak, Arizona
Climate-responsive building accommodating overnight stays of up to 11 visiting researchers on a site adjacent to the ARO 12m Radio Telescope on Kitt Peak, AZ, using earth architecture. 

FMCP Outpost
Project response to prompt for a 1,000 sqft (enclosed) multi-use space sited within Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York in collaboration with Cristina Stivala. 

Project Micro: Variable
B.Arch studio project - iterations on a haptic object centered on a chosen operative